Welcome To Athena's By Melissa Milliken

I'm your personal Goddess for Life!!

Melissa Milliken

Full Time Earthly Goddess #6803
Team Leader of The Charmed Ones

Call/Text: (207)356-3579
Email: melissa@yourgoddessforlife.com

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I have been a stock carrying Athena's Goddess since July 2013 and I am your Goddess for life! From the moment I attended my very first Athena's party in June 2013, I KNEW that this was not only something I wanted to do but also that I COULD do it! After deciding to take the leap of faith I have NEVER looked back and have been LOVING my life thus far!

Since joining in 2013 I have been able to achieve stuff I never thought possible. I have traveled to countless places, had money to pay for the extras for my family, paid down debt, loved my life & self more, met some truly amazing friends who have become my chosen family, I have gotten recognized with multiple awards and trophies, and made FANTASTIC money, all by doing something I love and am passionate about! I would absolutely love to be your Goddess For Life!

Some of the places Athena's has helped me get to:

  • Australia in 2014 for a month long honeymoon
  • Disney World Orlando in 2014 on my family's first ever Disney trip
  • Mexico in 2015 with Athena's & my Goddess Sisters and Adoni Brothers
  • Costa Rica in 2016 with some hostesses & clients of mine
  • Ireland in 2016
  • Italy in 2017 to celebrate my birthday
  • Greece in 2017 vacation before my second child was born
  • Thailand in 2018
  • Bali in 2018
  • Bahamas cruise in 2018 to celebrate my oldest sons birthday
  • Bermuda cruise in 2019 to celebrate our wedding anniversary
  • Florida & Universal in 2019 with a team member of mine
  • Hong Kong in 2019
  • China in 2019
  • Japan in 2019
  • Mexico in 2019 again with Athena's & my Goddess Sisters and Adoni Brothers
  • Jamaica 2020

Things Athena's has helped me accomplish:

  • Bought my dream home in 2015
  • In 2016 I was able to quit my old 40+ hours a week JOB & work ONLY my Athena's business full time.
  • Was able to be home with my kids vs having to put them in daycare. In doing so I was also able to home school my oldest for a few years.
  • Have been able to send my son to a private elementary school where he is thriving and excited about learning.
  • Have been able to be home to get my oldest off the bus every day
  • The ability & flexibility to have vital time bonding with my second child
  • Helped pull myself out of a really bad depression
  • Paid over $15,000 down in debt just from my Athena's income
  • Paid $10,000 in home repairs and renovations
  • Made life long friends